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What is OCBA PAC?

It is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) established by members of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association.

What does OCBA PAC do?

The purpose of the OCBA-PAC is to provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the furtherance of local craft beer to support worthy candidates for elected office. To meet these purposes, the OCBA-PAC is empowered to solicit, directly or indirectly, and accept, voluntary contributions, and to make expenditures in connection with the attempt to influence the selection, nomination, or election of individuals to any State or Local office.

We work to promote legislation that will result in better access to the market for Ohio’s small and independent brewers, resulting in broader beer choices for consumers. We work to protect our membership from the anticompetitive practices of larger industry interests.

Where does the money contributed to OCBA PAC go?

OCBA PAC donations will be used to support candidates, ballot initiatives and legislative efforts that positively impact the craft brewing industry in Ohio or to fight legislative efforts that would negatively impact Ohio’s craft brewing industry.

Who can contribute and is there a limit to how much I can contribute?

Anyone who is a member of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association is eligible to make a contribution to the PAC. This includes all voting and non-voting member breweries, allied members and enthusiast members.

Annual contribution limits can be found here:

Are my donations tax-deductible?

PAC contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable donations.

Can I donate anonymously?

Anonymous donations to a PAC are prohibited by state law. The PAC is required to submit the individual contact information for all contributions received, except for those raised at an event.

Can I make an in-kind donation of goods or services to the PAC?

An in-kind contribution is a non-monetary contribution of goods or services that was made with the consent of, in coordination or cooperation with, or at the request or suggestion of the benefited PAC. Examples include receiving postage or signs, receiving rent-free office space, having personnel assistance compensated by a third party, or having a third-party buy media advertising on behalf of the PAC. In-kind donations are subject to the same contribution limits as monetary donations.

What happens with my contact info?

Donor contact information is submitted in reports to the Secretary of State, per Ohio campaign contribution regulations. No other personal information will be shared with or sold to any entities outside the OCBA PAC.

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